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Emergency Assistance

Emergency Services

Contact Information

If you are injured or are the victim of a crime, please contact the police in your local area. In the Shanghai consular district and throughout China, the Police Emergency Number is: 110. The Fire Emergency number is: 119.

The Consulate encourages all U.S. citizens to have a copy of important phone numbers handy and/or pre-programmed into their phones. In an emergency, U.S. citizens may have to call for help themselves, as assistance from onlookers and passersby may not necessarily be forthcoming. In some cases, local onlookers and passersby did not assist in emergencies where help was clearly needed.

Anyone with a genuine need for emergency assistance may come to the American Citizen Services Unit for help without an appointment. Our office is located on the 8th floor of the Westgate Mall, 1038 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai.  Also, you may reach us at (86-21)3217-4650 during our normal business hours in case of a genuine emergency involving an American citizen, such as an emergency with an American minor child, a hospitalization, death, or arrest.  For questions regarding applying for a new U.S. passport, obtaining notary service, or any other non-emergency services, please review our website for detailed information.  If you have additional questions about our non-emergency services after reviewing our website,  please use the form available at  

After normal business hours, and if you have a genuine emergency, please call our office at (86-21) 3217-4650 and press "1" then "3" to speak with an emergency operator.

If the above number does not work after business hours, please call (86-10) 8531-4000.

Please note that Visa questions cannot be answered on any of these lines.

Victims of Crime

If you are a victim of crime in China, you should contact the police in your local area to report the incident and request a police report. If you need medical assistance, please see Shanghai Medical Facilities and Doctors for a list of local doctors, dentists, and hospitals known to treat foreigners. If you need an attorney, please see Law Firms in Shanghai for a list of law firms in the greater Shanghai area. You are not required to report the crime to the Consulate.

Arrest and Detention

If you are detained by Chinese authorities, the Consulate will do all we can to assist. In conformance with the U.S.-PRC Consular Convention, Chinese authorities must report the detention of a U.S. citizen to the Consulate no later than four days from the date of arrest or detention. A consular officer will visit any American who is detained and provide a list of sources of legal advice or assistance. In cases of lengthy incarceration, we visit American prisoners at least every 30 to 60 days to ensure that they receive treatment no worse than that accorded citizens of People’s Republic of China. The Consulate cannot act as your attorney. Please use the link to a list of Law Firms above to find an attorney.