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Jiangsu Outreach

U.S.-Jiangsu Relations

February 22, 2016; Consul General met with Mr. Chu Yonghong, Vice Mayor of Nanjing municipal government.

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The U.S. Consulate General in Shanghai enjoys strong ties with Jiangsu Province. In 2008, the U.S. Consulate created an office specifically for outreach to Nanjing, reflecting the importance of Nanjing and Jiangsu to the U.S.-China relationship. In 2009, we established the Jiangsu Outreach Team and expanded the outreach effort to all of Jiangsu Province. Today, the United States Government’s relationship with Jiangsu includes commercial, economic, educational, cultural and scientific partnerships.

Jiangsu, as one of China's most developed provinces, is home to substantial U.S. business activity. Major U.S. investments in Jiangsu include GE in Changzhou, Caterpillar in Xuzhou, Colgate in Yangzhou and Ford Motor Company in Nanjing. There are also strong historical and educational ties: Jiangsu was for many years the home of American Nobel Laureate author Pearl Buck, and the Johns Hopkins University-Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies is a leading example of U.S.-Chinese educational cooperation.

Jiangsu has a sister state relationship with New York and also has strong connections to California. At the sister-city level, the relationships between Jiangsu municipalities and U.S. cities began when Nanjing and St. Louis signed the first sister city agreement between the United States and the People's Republic of China. Additional U.S.-Jiangsu sister cities include: Nanjing with Houston, Texas; Suzhou with Portland, Oregon, Jacksonville, Florida, and Queen Anne’s County, Maryland; Changshu with Whittier, California; Zhangjiagang with Redondo Beach, California; Kunshan with South El Monte, California; Changzhou with Rockford, Illinois and Buffalo, New York; Huai’an with Yorba Linda, California and Fort Wayne, Indiana; Nantong with Jersey, New Jersey; Suqian with Blount County, Tennessee; Taizhou with Newport News, Virginia and Williamsport, Pennsylvania; Taixing with Arcadia, California; Wuxi with Chattanooga, Tennessee, Norwich, Connecticut, San Antonio, Texas, Davis, California, and Cupertino, California; Jiangyin with Alameda, California; Xuzhou with Newark, New Jersey; Xinyi with Trumbull, Connecticut; Yancheng with San Diego, California; Yangzhou with Kent, Washington and Westport, Connecticut; Jiangdu with Stanford, Connecticut; Baoying with Attleboro, Massachusetts; and Zhenjiang with Tempe, Arizona.

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